Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.38.07I’m from Barcelona and currently based in Oslo (Norway), where I moved in 2009.

My approach to Street Photography is very intuitive, and I’ve always preferred to let my work grow freely – without me forcing any direction or themes- , to give it room to breathe and develop on its own, organically. That means I don’t work on projects or series, and the set of photos here presented should be seen just as a frozen instant of a motion picture, a snapshot, of a changing body of work that’ll always be in progress. Sometimes I’ll single out a small edit of my photos under a certain common theme, but that’s always been something done after the fact, and not the result of a pre-conceived series.

This way of working often gives me a slight feeling of not being totally in control over it, almost as if I was another spectator, in a necessary dissociation between intuition -the leading part- and reason -that just follows-. But regardless of which brain’s side is in charge, Street Photography has always meant hard work and long hours out there, collecting the small pieces of a puzzle -a bigger picture- that still is unclear to me. Is there actually a bigger picture?

One common trait that helps glueing all the pieces together is the strong sense of play always present in my work. I play Street Photography, not just do it. It’s a game for me; an important one that I take seriously. A street game that, taking our everyday ordinary life as a canvas, offers me the possibility of showing a more elastic reality in which the familiar and the fantastic can coexist.

The name H O P S C O T C H refers to the street game in which children outline a series of rectangles on the ground and hop between them tossing a small object. Once they select and frame it, that small bit of ordinary pavement becomes -in their eyes- something else: home, earth, heaven, etc. Similarly, my Street Photography is about choosing and framing small portions of our everyday in the streets, in such a way that they too can become something else. It is basically a game of observation, imagination and chance that serves me to be more attuned to my everyday and at the same time escape from its limitations.


*All photos here show real facts from the everyday. Any similarity with fictitious events or characters was purely coincidental.
I’m a member of the international Photography collective Burn My Eye



BSPF Selected Works Exhibition; April-May 2017; Hotel Bloom in Brussels, Belgium: here

– Photo17“Directors Choice Series” 6-10 Jan 2017; Maag Hallen in Zürich, Switzerland: here

– Miami Street Photography Festival; Nov.2016-Jan.2017 at HistoryMiami Museum, USA: here

– BSPF2016; Oct.28th – Nov.11th 2016 at Galerie Ravenstein in Brussels, Belgium: here

– StreetFoto San Francisco 2016 finalists Exhibition; June 2016 in San Francisco, USA: here

– “World Street Photography by α” organised by SONY Thailand; May 2016, Bangkok: here

– London Photo Festival:  Street Photography exhibition, London (UK) (march-oct 2016) here

– Urban Picnic Street Photography Exhibition; June/July 2014, Saffron Walden, UK: here

– Miami Street Photography Festival Exhibition; Dec 2014 in Miami, USA: here & here 

EyeEm 2014-15; Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Miami, Toronto, New York, San Francisco: here

MIXT No.2: Timorous Beasties; February 2016 at Studio E gallery, Seattle, USA: here

Greenwich Gallery; “Crowds” Exhibition. March 20th to April 4th 2015, London, UK: here

Blank Wall Gallery; “Cityscape” Exhibition. June 7th to July 2nd 2015, Athens: here

– Life Framer exhibition in Los Angeles (USA) at the Think Tank Gallery(nov. 2015) here

– MSPF2015: The Street Collective/SPontanea + finalists exhibit (dec. 2015) Miami, USA here

– Juraplatz:  Life Framer exhibition at Juraplatz artspace in Biel, Switzerland (dec. 2015) here



– Fotopolis (polish/2017): read

– Siam Street Nerds (thai/2017): read

– iN-PUBLiC (2016): read

– Quitar Fotos (spanish/2017): read

-Rubixephoto (spanish/2016): read

– Bird in Flight Mag (russian/2016): read

– Gaël por las Calles (spanish/2016): read

– Street&Repeat (2015): read

– Another Street (2015): read

– Photo Art Mag (2014): read

– 121 Clicks (2014): read



– 1st Prize: London Photo Festival Street Photography international competition (2016); here

– 2nd Prize: StreetFoto San Francisco international Street Photography Festival (2016); here

– People’s Award & Finalist: Miami Street Photography Festival international competition (2016); here

– Honorable Mention: Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016 (International Singles); here

– Finalist: Miami Street Photography Festival international competition (2014); here

– Finalist: Urban Picnic Street Photography international competition (2014); here

– Finalist: Life Framer “Urban Life” & “Love” international competitions (2015); here & here

– 2nd Prize: London Photo Festival Street Photography international competition (2016); here

– 1st Prize: Scandinavian Photo Street Photography competition; (2015); here

– Finalist: Professional Photographer of the Year international  competition (2014); here

– Finalist: EyeEm international photo competition / Street Photography (2014); here



“100 Great Street Photographs” book, by David Gibson. Prestel Publishers: here

– “Fotógrafos de calle: 13 fotógrafos españoles a los que seguir la pista” Xataka: here

– International Street Photographer (ISP) Magazine, 2014 Nov/Dec & 2015 Jan/Feb Issues

– Progresso Fotografico n.38 Issue dedicated to Street Photography (March 2016): here

– Interculturality Magazine n.8 Issue, front & back cover photos and inside pages: here

Saatchi Art; part of the EyeEm Collection, curated by Rebecca Wilson; here or here

Life Framer: Featured Photographer in their virtual art space “The Collection”; here

– Rubixephoto: “10 fotógrafos de calle nacionales que vale la pena seguir”; here

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– OldSkull.nethere

121 Clicks; here



Competition Judge:  London Street Photography Festival 2017, international competition

Teacher:  Street Photography Workshop in Barcelona; 13-15 October 2017; here

Lecture speaker:  “Some notes on Street Photography” at Tønsberg KameraKlubb (2017)



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