This 3-day workshop will start on Friday afternoon with a presentation about Street Photography where we will cover some general concepts, useful tips and a discussion with the participants. 
Saturday & Sunday will be mainly dedicated to practice, with some time of review and discussion at the end of each day. We will spend long hours shooting together on the streets and learning every important aspect on the field: from practical camera tips, to small tricks to gain confidence and learn to identify potential scenes and anticipate the moment.

We will also insist on some important aspects like perseverance, intuition, an open mind and most importantly: intent. Expect an intense weekend with long walks where we’ll see, try and fail, and then try again and fail and try once more, until we move on to another subject and keep insisting. Street Photography is not easy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.


○ PRICE: 4000NOK (*)
○ 3 DAYS > 16 HOURS






Unlike many workshops we will always be in very small groups (max. 5 persons), to be able to focus on each individual’s needs and have more one-on-one time. We will be working closely together both in the shooting and the editing sessions.
There are some pre-fixed workshop dates, but it is also possible to book one for a different date and location, if you are a group of friends willing to bring the workshop to your city.


Beginners and advanced photographers are all welcome, but I’ll always try to have a more or less uniform level in each particular workshop. Before our first meeting you’ll need to send me a portfolio with 15 of your photos. Take with you the camera you feel most comfortable with, a pair of extra batteries, a memory card and a good pair of walking shoes. I recommend using a fixed lens with a focal length of 28 or 35mm. For the review and editing sessions you’ll need your own laptop with Lightroom (or similar) installed. And most importantly, come with an open mind and willing to both work hard and have fun.

General Terms:

Registrations are made via email and accepted in the order received. They can only be confirmed upon receipt of full course fee. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer. Prices listed are for Norway workshops only. Prices for workshops abroad will be specified in each particular case. Full refund applies only if cancellation is notified at least 1 month prior to the workshop start date. 

For any questions please see contact information below.  |  m +47 91143428  |  facebook  |  flickr  |  twitter | instagram

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