I’m a photographer from Barcelona, currently based in Norway. After studying and working in the architecture field for a few years, I finally quit my job to focus on photography. For the past 12 years I’ve been photographing in different cities around the world, trying to make some sense of the chaos and randomness in the streets. I’m a member of the iN-PUBLiC street photography collective. 

Nothing feels better than hitting the streets in the morning knowing I have all day ahead of me to photograph freely in the city. No plans, no predefined pictures, no route; just walk and walk and see and react, and walk and see and react, again and again, letting the photos guide me through the streets: I see something left, I go left. I see something right, I go right. It’s an instinctive process that keeps me focused in the moment, and more often than not, walking in circles.

I’m not a documentarist trying to describe things. Photography is basically a game for me and I think that’s the best way to describe it: I play Street Photography, and the city, its people, its signs, a shadow, a tree or some trash… anything can make for a good subject if seen with the right eyes.


Solo Exhibition:

PHOTO FORMAT, Bordeaux (France): June-July 2019: here

Italian Street Photo Festival 2019:  April 26-28 2019; Rome (Italy): here

Fotografiens Hus: Sep 6 – Sep 30 2018, Oslo (Norway): here

Espai de Fotografia Francesc Catala-Roca: June 22 – Sep 22 2018, Barcelona: here

SpacePlace: Sep.- Oct. 2017, Nizhny Tagil (Russia): here


Group Exhibition:

INTERKULTURALNOST retrospective, Svilara Cultural Center, 2019 (Serbia): here

– The MSPF finalists exhibition 2019, Miami (US): here

– StreetFoto San Francisco: Harvey Milk Photo Center, June 2018 in SF (US): here

– Burn My Eye Exhibition: October 2017 at Muntpunt Gallerie, Brussels (Belgium): here

– BSPF Selected Works Exhibition; April-May 2017; Hotel Bloom in Brussels, Belgium: here

– Photo17“Directors Choice Series” 6-10 Jan 2017; Maag Hallen in Zürich, Switzerland: here

– Miami Street Photography Festival; Nov.2016-Jan.2017 at HistoryMiami Museum, USA: here

– BSPF2016; Oct.28th – Nov.11th 2016 at Galerie Ravenstein in Brussels, Belgium: here

– StreetFoto San Francisco 2016 finalists Exhibition; June 2016 in San Francisco, USA: here

– “World Street Photography by α” organised by SONY Thailand; May 2016, Bangkok: here

– London Photo Festival:  Street Photography exhibition, London (UK) (march-oct 2016) here

– Urban Picnic Street Photography Exhibition; June/July 2014, Saffron Walden, UK: here

– Miami Street Photography Festival Exhibition; Dec 2014 in Miami, USA: here & here 

EyeEm 2014-15; Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Miami, Toronto, New York, San Francisco: here

MIXT No.2: Timorous Beasties; February 2016 at Studio E gallery, Seattle, USA: here

Greenwich Gallery; “Crowds” Exhibition. March 20th to April 4th 2015, London, UK: here

Blank Wall Gallery; “Cityscape” Exhibition. June 7th to July 2nd 2015, Athens: here

– Life Framer exhibition in Los Angeles (USA) at the Think Tank Gallery(nov. 2015) here

– MSPF2015: The Street Collective/SPontanea + finalists exhibit (dec. 2015) Miami, USA here

– Juraplatz:  Life Framer exhibition at Juraplatz artspace in Biel, Switzerland (dec. 2015) here



– Musée Magazine (english/2018): read

– Xataka Foto (spanish/2017): read

– Fotopolis (polish/2017): read

– P3 (portuguese/2017): read

– Tackle (2017): read

– Siam Street Nerds (thai/2017): read

– Quitar Fotos (spanish/2017): read

– iN-PUBLiC (2016): read

-Rubixephoto (spanish/2016): read

– Bird in Flight Mag (russian/2016): read

– Gaël por las Calles (spanish/2016): read

– Street&Repeat (2015): read

– Another Street (2015): read

– Photo Art Mag (2014): read

– 121 Clicks (2014): read



– Finalist: Miami Street Photography Festival international competition (2019)

– 2nd Prize: StreetFoto San Francisco international Street Photography Festival (2018); here

– Finalist: EyeEm Photography Awards, The Street Photographer (2017); here

– 1st Prize: London Photo Festival Street Photography international competition (2016); here

– 2nd Prize: StreetFoto San Francisco international Street Photography Festival (2016); here

– People’s Award & Finalist: Miami Street Photography Festival international competition (2016); here

– Honorable Mention: Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016 (International Singles); here

– Finalist: Miami Street Photography Festival international competition (2014); here

– Finalist: Urban Picnic Street Photography international competition (2014); here

– Finalist: Life Framer “Urban Life” & “Love” international competitions (2015); here & here

– 2nd Prize: London Photo Festival Street Photography international competition (2016); here

– 1st Prize: Scandinavian Photo Street Photography competition; (2015); here

– Finalist: Professional Photographer of the Year international  competition (2014); here

– Finalist: EyeEm international photo competition / Street Photography (2014); here


Selected Features:

– AMERICAN AIRLINES MAGAZINE: “Uncanny Camera”: here

– TAK: Theater Liechtenstein Magazine cover photo: here

– IGNANT: “Pau Buscató’s Playful Eye”: here

– EXPERIMENTA: “..Una vuelta a las raíces”: here


– MY MODERN MET: “Street Photographer captures…”: here

– MAGASINET (Dagbladet): “Hårete gatefotografi”: here

ZE.TT: “So schöne Zufälle…” (german): here

VICE: “le street photographer de l’absurde” (french): here

– ČILICHILI magazine: May 2018 issue, pages 20 to 23: here

DE MORGEN newspaper: online and paper feature: here

– PetaPixel: “The Playful Street Photography of..”: here

VICE: “Pau Buscato’s Playful Photographs”: here

– HUH: “The incredibly clever street photography..”: here

COLOSSAL : “Chance Encounters.. ” : here

Corriere della Sera : “Hopscotch ” : here

– LensCulture: “H-O-P-S-C-O-T-C-H” by Pau Buscató: here

– “100 Great Street Photographs” book, by David Gibson. Prestel Publishers: here

– Photo Trend: “Pau Buscató photographie l’ironie du quotidien dans la rue” (in french) here

– “Fotógrafos de calle: 13 fotógrafos españoles a los que seguir la pista” Xataka: here

– International Street Photographer (ISP) Magazine, 2014 Nov/Dec & 2015 Jan/Feb Issues

– Progresso Fotografico n.38 Issue dedicated to Street Photography (March 2016): here

– Interculturality Magazine n.8 Issue, front & back cover photos and inside pages: here

Saatchi Art; part of the EyeEm Collection, curated by Rebecca Wilson; here or here

Life Framer: Featured Photographer in their virtual art space “The Collection”; here

– Rubixephoto: “10 fotógrafos de calle nacionales que vale la pena seguir”; here

– Magasinet; featured in the weekly magazine of national newspaper Dagbladet

– EyeEm; Guest writer with the article “10 tips on Street Photography”; here

– Rubixephoto: “10 consejos de Fotografía de Calle por Pau Buscató”; here

– Eric Kim Blog: “35 Inspirational Photographers to Follow”; here

– StreetShootR : “16  S.P. Cliches That Are Impossible To Resist” ; here

– Street Mojo; “Best current street photographers for inspiration” here

– Street Hunters: most influential street photographers of 2016; here

– Street Photographer Notebook n.8 Issue…”Beach Special”; here

Xataka : “14 street photographers to get inspiration from”; here 

– Soloarteurbano.es: “La mirada de los fotógrafos de calle”here

– EyeEm Magazine, limited New York edition; here

Fotografia Magazine; here

– Street Hunters; here

– OldSkull.nethere

121 Clicks; here


Judging panel:  Italian Street Photography Festival 2019, international competition

Judging panel:  Miami Street Photography Festival 2018, international competition

Judging panel:  London Street Photography Festival 2017, international competition

Talk + Competition jurying:  Oslo Kamera Klubb (Sep.10, 2018)

Talk + Photowalk: “Fujifilm dager” at Foto.no (Aug.25, 2018)

Talk: “Some notes on Street Photography” at Scandinavian Photo Fair (Oct. 21, 2017)

Talk:  “Some notes on Street Photography” at Tønsberg KameraKlubb (2017)

Workshops:  Street Photography Workshops in Barcelona;  +info


uaqpau@gmail.com  |  m +47 91143428  |  twitter | instagram

I’m working full time on my Street Photography. If you enjoy my work, consider giving support by purchasing a PRINT or buying me a coffe or two or five hundred thousand.

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